Capital Plan 2025

In 2018, the board began planning a project to fix our infrastructure including (but not limited to)  upgrades to our plumbing, electrical, heating, and other building systems; fixing our parking lots, brickwork, playgrounds, roofs, lobbies, ventilation, and much more. The goal of this project is to improve our health, safety, and energy efficiency, and to secure our affordability.

This project will will have a huge impact on our future and construction will likely take place between July, 2021 and June, 2025. It will be funded by grants from NYC, interest free loans, and increases to maintenance and amenities.

The following documents are for the review of GGHC shareholders. More information and documents will be coming soon.

1. Integrated Physical Needs Assessment (IPNA), developed in 2018
2. Proposed scope of work developed in February, 2020
3. Revised scope of work developed in October, 2020
4. Energy savings analysis conducted in October, 2020
5. Analysis of the General Contractor bids received in January, 2021. Please note: these numbers are preliminary as of February 2,2020 and subject to change. The bids are being evaluated by our consultant for value engineering in an attempt to reduce the cost.

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